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Form DesignerForm Designer

Design powerful forms in minutes and stop struggling with HTML code.

  • Point. Click. Easy.

    Get up and running fast with our HTML form generator. Our interface is designed after familiar desktop style software that you’ve used before. It’s all point-and-click and drag-and-drop, and it's fast. With our HTML form designer, anyone can create feature rich, great looking forms.

  • Themes, Templates, Anti-Spam Features & More

    Create stunning professional looking forms using our theme library. Customize every aspect of your form. We’ve got a huge library of icons, styles and graphics to give your forms that ultra professional touch and a beautiful online form design.

    See some of our sample forms

  • 100+ Form Templates

    The huge template library that comes with the Logiforms form designer can give your project a jumpstart and make you look like a rockstar.  Your boss/business partner/wife will be amazed with what you can do.

  • Be More Productive

    Quickly apply settings to multiple form elements with one click. Save custom fields and groups for use on other forms.  Drag and drop groups of fields to layout your form. We`ve got the best of breed features that will make you more productive. 

  • Flexible & Powerful

    Logiforms professional grade form design software is powerful and flexible enough to adapt to your demanding project needs.  If you`ve tried other online form design software and found it couldn`t do what you needed, then you need to try Logiforms. Its super easy to use.

  • Increased Conversion Rates

    The Logiforms HTML form designer automatically adheres to the best practices in form design which are demonstrated to dramatically increase conversion rates. You can Hide/show only relevant fields, provide inline help, use unobtrusive validation, provide a clear path to completion and more. Our form design software does all these things out of the box. It’s designed to make it easy for you to design forms that convert.

  • Binding & Calculations

    Add calculations and intelligence to your forms. Create calculations and bindings.

  • Smart Forms

    Our form designer offers conditional logic to create forms that get higher response rates.

  • MultiPage Conditional Branching

    Create dynamic multipage forms. Easily add conditional logic and branching.

  • Field Masks

    Increase conversion rates by making it easier for your users to fill out your forms.

  • Unobtrusive Validation

    Our advanced validation validates as you type and displays helpful hints.

  • Anti-Spam Robots

    The spam protection tools block those annoying spambot submissions.

  • Inline Label Editing

    Point and click form designer enables quick inline editing of field labels and field options.

  • Password Protected

    Add password protection to your forms to ensure your user's privacy.

  • Pixel Perfect Layouts

    Design your forms your way with unlimited layout options and pixel level control.

  • Save & Finish Later

    Let your users save their progress and return later to pick up where they left off.

  • Multiple Undo's

    We all make mistakes. With our undo feature it's super fast to undo your changes.

  • Form Views

    Create multiple form views and use our AB split testing to improve conversions.

  • Awesome Widgets

    Form design software packed with a ton of cool form widgets like pop up calendars and star ratings.

  • Dynamic Lookup

    Lookup data from a table to populate fields on your form. Become a power user!

  • Clipart, Styles & Icons

    Give your form a professional touch by using our huge library.

  • Remember Me Forms

    Forms that automatically remember your information on your next visit.

  • Member Forms

    Create forms that allow the respondent to log back in and edit their submission.

  • Multi-Lingual Forms

    Our form designer offers full, integrated support for multiple languages.

  • Date Math

    Create conditions, calculations and bindings based on date evaluations.

  • Powerful Scripting

    For advanced users, apply formatting & conditions to all your conditional statements.

  • Animated Transitions

    Hide and show fields using animated transitions to give your forms that WOW factor.

  • Prepopulate via URL

    Prepopulate any of your form fields by passing values through the URL.

Your DataYour Data

Stay organized and in control. All your form submission data in one place - indexed, searchable and web accessible. A database is created automatically for you.

  • Organized & In Control

    Get organized. All of your form submissions are stored in our central database. You can search, sort filter and drill down into your data. Set flags to mark priority records and automate follow up tasks. Our data management tools can help simplify your life.

  • Multiple VIews

    Customize the database view so you can find what you're looking for fast. Switch between multiple views and layouts that work best for you. Re-arrange column orders, sort orders and more. You can even show relational data. For example, you could create a view to browse customers and their orders.

  • Share Your Data

    Share your data through sub user accounts. You configure exactly what data the sub user can see by using views and define their permissions. Share data within your organization or brand it as your own and share it with your clients.

  • Export with Ease

    Logiforms is compatible with most major spreadsheet and database systems. Export to Excel in a single click or save as a CSV.

  • Live Scrolling

    Blazing fast performance on large data sets. Our professional grade tools are built for the most demanding users.

  • Print Profiles

    Create customized print profiles to generate order invoices, name badges and printable reports.

  • Generate PDF Documents

    Generate populated PDF forms and documents from your data

  • Charts & Graphs

    Generate beautiful charts, graphs and reports. Gain valuable insights into your data.

  • True Multi User Support

    True multi-user support means multiple users can work on the same data set at the same time, and your changes will never conflict.

  • Column Filters

    Find records fast using column filters. Click a column header, enter a search term – and filter in real time. Now that’s fast.

  • Grouping

    Group your data by any field to quickly see, as an example, all the entries from a particular group or city.

  • Assign Labels

    Assign labels to form submission data to mark it as a hot lead or an active case. Customize labels based on your needs.

Form AnalyticsForm Analytics

Find bottlenecks on your forms and boost conversion rates by making simple changes.

  • Dramatically Increase Response Rates

    Our complete suite of form analytics gives you valuable insight into how your forms are performing.  Track how much time was spent on a form, which fields generated the most errors, views vs. completions and more. Gain actionable insights into what needs to change to improve your conversion rate.

  • Actionable Form Analytics

    Our proprietary form analytics suite gives you the insights into your data that you need to improve your conversion rates and optimize your forms. Without this essential information, you could be losing a ton of potential customers and new leads. We track:

    • Views vs. Completions
    • Drop off Rates
    • Average completion time
    • Form field completion times
    • Top exit page
    • Validation errors generated
    • Time spent per page
    • Time spent per field
    • and more...
  • Quickly Identify Problems

    The Views vs. Completions Analytics give you a fast glance into your form's performance. Use it to quickly spot problems and always ensure your forms are performing like a well-oiled machine.

  • Time Tracking

    Track how much time was spent to complete your form and find and fix bottlenecks.

  • Validation Reporting

    Quickly see which fields are giving your users the most problems. Is it time to add some instruction text?

  • Blank Fields

    See which fields are left blank the most often. If not required, do you need them on your form?

  • Views vs. Conversions

    Chart your form views and conversions to determin how well your form is performing.

  • Page Metrics

    Find out where users are getting lost on your multipage forms. Quickly identify which page has the highest exit rate, validation errors and more.

Publishing & WorkflowsPublishing & Workflows

Build powerful web applications and workflows without ever writing a single line of code

  • Work Flow & Form Publishing

    Do more with your data.  With our Workflow Software, anyone can build dynamic web apps. Publish the data collected through your forms, complete with member authentication, searching and drill down capabilities.  Zero Programming required. Its Fast & Easy.

  • Permissions & Security

    Secure your pages and forms with a user login in one click. The login page and password reminder feature are generated automatically. Once it’s been secured, you can assign permissions based on who’s logging in to control what they can see.

  • Drill Down for More

    Add drill down pages to view more detail about the data you’ve published using our form publishing tools. You customize every aspect of the drill down page including the layout and even the CSS. It’s easier than ever to create powerful web apps.

  • Integrated Search

    Create a search page for your data so your website users can search and find what they are looking for. You're in control. You choose which fields can be searched and how. Even open the search page in a lightbox.

  • Unlimited Users

    Select any form/table as the member database and get unlimited sub users with no per sub user fee. Automatically filter the form data that each sub user sees when logging in!

  • Flexibility

    Whether you want to simply publish a directory listing of all your form submissions or create an order fulfillment application with multiple users and intelligent processing, you can do it. Whatever you want to do, the Form Publishing & Form Workflow wizard can help you.

  • Edit Forms

    Add edit forms to allow users to edit data. You control exactly what fields can be edited and by who. Form Publishing is easy and you can use any form designed in the Form Designer.

  • Customized Syles

    Add your own colors, logos and even customize the CSS on your forms.  Or use one of our professionally designed themes.

  • Field Formatting

    Format the published form workflow data using formatting functions and conditional logic.

  • Customized Layouts

    You choose if you want a tabular layout, a 2 column layout or 3. You can customize every aspect of the form and page layout.

  • Custom Pages

    Add your own custom content and pages. Easily create secure “members only” pages.

  • Seamless Integration

    Embed the data sharing module within your website and make it look like your own. Your Work Flow pages integrate seemlessly with your website.

Email Autoresponder SoftwareEmail Autoresponder Software

Whether it's sending a personalized response or distributing leads, our closely integrated suite of email tools makes it easy.

  • Instant Response

    With our email response management software, after your form is submitted, our blazing fast email servers will send a confirmation to your client and send you a notification. Customize every aspect of your email communications. Design stunning, professional emails with our Email Designer.

  • Easy to Customize. Easy to Change

    You don’t need to be a web designer to create stunning emails with logiforms. Just insert your logo and customize the email. It’s never been easier. And with our automated email software, you’re in control; you can make changes at any time – without having to call your web designer!

  • Conditional Responses

    Improve sales, and increase customer satisfaction by delivering personalized and conditional responses to your form enquiries. Create multiple responses and use rules to deliver the correct response.

  • Recipient Lookup

    Lookup email recipients using dynamic lookup rules. For example, use our email autoresponder software to send email notification of a new quote request to the correct sales rep based on the zip code.

  • Follow Up Sequences

    Create email autoresponder software follow up sequences to automate your business. Schedule delivery of a series of email responses and put your business on auto-pilot.

  • Attach PDF Documents

    Attach your populated PDF documents to your automated email software responses.

  • Email Approval and Workflow

    Create approval workflows using email notifications.

  • Triggered Responses

    Trigger automatic email software responses to your customers when your data changes. I.e.,  send an email to your customer when changing from 'processing' to 'shipped'.

  • Delayed Email Response

    Use email autoresponder software to create a scheduled email delivery to send an email, for example, the day after a conference to do a follow up.

  • Secure Email Solution

    Receive secure encrypted emails from logiforms that decrypt instantly in your inbox.

  • Dynamic Email Creation

    Assemble your email responses dynamically. Use rules and conditional statements to create the most relevant, personalized email response.


Our forms integrate seamlessly into your website. Your vistors will never even know your using a 3rd party service.

  • Seamless Integration With Your Website

    Our forms integrate seamlessly into your website and look like your own. Your visitors won’t even know your using a 3rd party service. That’s seamless integration.

  • Easy Integration with 3rd Party Tools

    Whether you need to process credit cards with PayPal, Authorize.net or send your form submissions directly to SalesForce, logiforms has you covered with multiple integration options that make it easy to extend our platform.

  • Payment Processing

    Payment processing has never been easier. Design powerful order forms with smart calculations and hook them up to the leading payment processing gateways . All packages include our EV SSL certificate and everything you need to quickly build order forms and collect payments online.

  • Take it Further

    Our powerful HTTP POST option provides an extensible means of integrating your forms with any 3rd party service that can accept a form post. Instantly post your form data to your favourite 3rd party service or custom script.

  • Paypal

    Collect payments easier than ever before with integrated support for PayPal Website Payments and Payments Pro being standard.

  • SalesForce.com

    Automatically create new cases, leads and opportunities within your Salesforce.com account from each new form submission.

  • Authorize.net

    Payment processing with Authorize.net is just a click away.

  • MailChimp

    Send Email campaigns for free with Mail Chimp, all your form submissions are integrated into MailChimp.

  • Eselect

    Canadian Merchants can use the Eselect gateway to quickly process payments from Canada’s leading processing gateway.

  • Secure Daily FTP

    Setup a daily FTP export of your form data. Your data is automatically dropped off daily on your FTP server.

  • PayPal Payments Pro


From a Rich Video Tutorial Library, to a completely re-written User Guide, logiforms has the support and learning materials you need to be successful.

  • Support as a Feature?

    Yes, support is a feature! The feature is 'Productivity'. When you get the answers you need and have the resources you need at your finger tips you’re more productive. We know that and that’s why we’ve invested heavily in providing world class support materials and tech support.

  • At Your Fingertips

    Every window in logiforms has a help icon that launches our detailed, context sensitive help. Find the answers to your question in a flash. The context sensitive help window can be left open as you work to provide a quick reference.

  • Site Back and Learn

    Get up to speed fast and hit the ground running. Our video tutorial library is the ideal resource to empower you to learn fast. We’ve created video demos to cover all the major aspects of using logiforms.

    Check out our Video Library

  • Rapid Response Support

    Did you know that 90% of all support tickets are answered in less than 2 hours? And 95% of tickets are resolved within the same day.  Go ahead submit a support ticket and get a rapid response.

Secure FormsSecure Forms

Get Industry leading security and protection with logiforms. From SSL to military strength encryption, we've got you covered.

  • Email, Surveys, Shopping Carts & More

    Logiforms provides you with peace of mind form security for any type of Secure Online Web Form.

    We’ve invested heavily in our network infrastructure, firewalls and systems so you don’t have to. Our professional engineers follow the best practices to keep your data secure & confidential.

  • Increase Your Customer's Confidence

    Increase your customer’s confidence and your complete response rates with secure online forms.  Gain customer trust using our Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate from Network Solutions (NSI).  Point and click to embed the site seal on your secure form.

  • Secure Encryption for Your Data

    Encrypting data while it’s in transit over the net with our EV SSL cert is just one part of the puzzle.  When you create your account with us we generate a unique public/private key pair with RSA Military strength 512 bit encryption.  Encrypt your data for extra web form security.

  • 14+ Years Experience

    With 14+ years experience and 220 million secure online forms processed, we have the experience to manage your mission's critical applications.  We have a proven track record in providing data integrity and a secure platform.

  • Daily Auditing

    We turned to the world’s largest dedicated security company to audit daily our networks and web servers.

  • Secure Email Solution

    Send secure encrypted email from logiforms.com and use our FREE decryption utility logiDecrypt, to decrypt it on your desktop.   End to end security with the convenience of email.

  • Hourly Backups

    Your data is safe with logiforms. Our thorough backup procedures store shadow copies of your data every hour.

  • Anti-Spam Bot Protection

    Forget using captchas for form protection. Our form security is smarter and easier. Spam-bot web form security protection in a click.

  • Password Protected Forms

    Only let the people you want to fill out your forms in. Add password protection to secure online forms and implement a member login system easily.

  • Network Protection

    Intrusion detection, DOS prevention, Malware scanning, and protection from hackers is provided through our state of the art redundant firewalls that protect our network. And they are all monitored 24/7.

  • Secure Email

    Receive encrypted emails that decrypt in a single click.  Use our free decryption tool, logiDecrypt to simplify the process.

  • Record Auditing

    Every single change to a record is audited and the history can be viewed in the record audit log viewer.

  • Sub User Security

    Create sub user accounts that can access your data and build forms. You control every aspect of your form's security, as well as what form data and form tools users can access.

  • Physical Security

    Our world class data center in Vancouver, BC, is  a secure facility with 24/7 monitoring, military grade access control systems and on site guards.

PDF Form CreatorPDF Form Creator

Our integrated suite of PDF tools make it easy to generate dynamic PDF documents, populate PDF forms or host your PDFs online.

  • Leverage the Power of PDF Forms Online

    PDF's are powerful, and chances are your organization already uses PDF forms. Our PDF Form Maker offers a complete suite of tools which make it easy to get your PDF forms online.  And our solution, unlike the competition's, is both affordable and flexible.

  • Flexible, Hosted, Dynamic & More

    If you already have PDF forms online, simply import them into Logiforms. We'll automatically generate the database backend and host the PDF securely online. Simple & Effective.

  • Flexible Options with Our PDF Form Creator

    We’ve got the flexibility you need. You can populate your existing PDF forms with your web form submissions, or use our dynamic PDF generator to create PDF forms from scratch.  Whichever option you choose, it’s easy to integrate PDF functionality with Logiforms. Add your own graphics and create saveable PDFs.

  • Dynamic PDF Assembly

    The true power of our PDF processing engine lies in the ability to dynamically and conditionally assemble PDF documents on the fly, creating fully customizable PDF forms online.


  • WYSIWYG PDF Form Creator

    Design your documents in our easy PDF form creator. Add your logo and personalize with form field values.

  • Conditional Output

    Utilize our powerful yet simple to use scripting language to take your documents further.

  • Automatic Form Creation

    Import your PDF form and we’ll automatically generate a simple front end web form and databhttp://v3.logiforms.com/web-forms-software/your-data/ase back end. The PDF is fillable online with any PDF Filler.

  • Form Security Options

    Assign permissions and passwords to your PDF and encrypt your PDF output. Simple & Powerful Security options.

  • Attach PDF's to Your Emails

    Attach your generated documents to your autoresponder and notification emails. Its easy to add attachments.


Share your data with your clients or co-workers through our powerful multi-user platform.

  • True Multi-User Support

    True multi user support means you never have to worry about overwriting a change another user has made. Or making a change to a form while a colleague is also working on it. Our platform ensures the integrity of your data by locking rows and objects as you work.  True Multi-user support from the ground up.

  • Scalable

    Logiforms scales as you go. From 1 user to 500 users, the logiforms platform grows with you.  Adding new sub user accounts is fast, easy and affordable. At only $4.95 for additional sub user accounts, logiforms is scalable and affordable.

  • Share Just Your Data

    You can share access to your data with your clients & customers through a "data only" sub user account. Define exactly what they can see and what they can do when they log in. Add your logo and customize the colors.

  • Multiple Admins

    Create multiple administrator accounts with permissions to edit and create forms. You define exactly which projects and forms they have access to and what they can do. You can even create a project folder for each sub user and restrict them to that project/folder.

  • Record Level Permissions

    Record level permission controls mean you only share what you want to share.

  • Object Permissions

    Define exactly which modules and objects your sub-user accounts can access.

  • Distribute Leads

    Distribute leads to users using lead rules, groups and round robin distribution rules.

  • Multi-User Approval

    Get approval from multiple users before a form submission is recorded.

  • Update Propagation

    When another user updates a record, the changes are pushed to all other users keeping everything in synch automatically.

  • Embedded Data Sharing

    Embed the data sharing module within your website and make it look like your own. Impress your clients.

Electronic SignaturesElectronic Signatures

Fast, Easy and Legal Electronic Signatures

  • Flexible Signing Options

    With logiforms, you can collect signatures in minutes using our simple inline signing element, or leverage our partnership with the Adobe© EchoSign© E-Signature Platform to collect signature via email, fax or inline.

    Video Demos

  • Dynamic PDF Document Signing

    Generate a Dynamic PDF document on-the-fly using conditional content and merging multiple PDF's together. The resulting document can be sent out for an electronic signature.

    Try a live Demo

  • Mobile Signing

    Collect Signatures on any device and any platform. Mobile users can use their finger to sign their signature. Works on Iphones, Ipads, Android devices and more.


  • Inline Signatures

    The Inline Signature element can be added to any form to display a signature area. Users can sign with their mouse or finger on a mobile device.  This option is a convenient way to quickly collect an electronic signature

    No PDF or integration with EchoSign© is required when using the inline signature element

    Try a live Demo

  • Secure, Trusted and Legally Binding

    Agreements signed by Adobe© Echosign© are Legally Binding and have the same legal validity and enforceability of pen-and-paper documents.
    Compliant with U.S. and International e-Signature Laws.

    A detailed audit trail that lists all events and actions taken by the participants is stored together with the document. You may choose to include the audit trail in the 'signed and filed' email sent to all parties.

  • An Integrated Workflow

    Tight integration with our Publishing and Workflows System means you can send an agreement for signature only after its been internally approved, marked as ready to process or any other custom workflow.

    Integration with our Data Trigger system means you can hook into the 'ESIGNED' event to perform additional custom logic and processing.


  • Mobile Signing

    Works on all mobile devices including Iphone, Ipad and Android devices. Use your finger to sign.

  • Dynamic PDF Generation

    Merge multiple PDF's into one, use conditional content and more to create Dynamic PDF's

  • Audit Trail & Tracking

    A detailed audit trail that lists all events and actions taken by the participants is stored together with the document.

  • Trigger Integration

    Automate actions when a document is approved to create powerful workflow processes.

  • Multiple Parties

    Collect signatures from up to 25 people per agreement.

  • Approval Processing

    Use the integrated approval processing mode to get approve of the signed document.

  • Sign by Fax

    Deliver the agreement to sign by fax and get the signature faxed back in.

  • Sign by Email

    Deliver an agreement by email for e-signing. The signer simply clicks a link, signs and their done.

  • Web Identity Validation

    Use Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo or Microsoft Live to validate the users identity


  • Leave the office on time for once. See your kids more. Enjoy Life.

    Logiforms helps automate your business so you can leave the office on  time and get on with the things that are more important to your life.

Mobile FormsMobile Forms

Logiforms forms are 100% Responsive and adapt to any device they are accessed on. Design your form in the Form Designer Once and deploy to any device or platform. Your end users, never have to install any software. Our forms run on all devices and always look amazing.

  • Design Once – Deploy

    Unlike other mobile form providers, forms created with logiforms work both on the desktop at full size AND on mobile devices – without the need to create two versions of the same form. Forms automatically adapt.

  • Mobile Optimized Controls

    Field Layout, Input controls, file uploads and buttons are all automatically optimized on the fly for mobile devices.

  • No App to Install – 100% Browser Based

    Our forms run on ALL devices and never require an app to be installed. Embed our mobile forms on your mobile website or send a link to a mobile form in an email.  Your users never have to install any apps.

  • Mobile Payments

    Collect Mobile Payments with our awesome new Stripe Integration. Making mobile payments has never been easier.

  • Capture Mobile Signatures

    Instantly capture Mobile Signatures with out touch enabled Inline Signature Element or through our integration with Adobe EchoSign.

  • Beyond Mobile Forms

    Leverage the logiforms platform with your mobile form deployments to generate PDF documents on the fly, do approval mode processing and create powerful workflows. Go beyond simple mobile data collection.